Along Scotts Gap Road, Bullitt County, KY

Fujichrome Velvia 50, OM-4T, 2000mm Celestron C8 OTA, 2x multiplier, 116mm extension tube, two tripods, exposure unrecorded.

"I was out driving around one day looking for red tailed hawks, when I saw a patch of red sitting high in a dead tree.  I thought perhaps it was a robin, but after a closer look, I discovered a red screech owl.  While setting up my equipment, a man approached and inquired what I was up to.  I explained to him I'd discovered an owl, and was going to photograph it.  He explain that was his owl, and he had rescued it from his garage some months earlier.  In no uncertain terms, he was very protective of this little guy!  This dead tree the owl had taken up residence in was very close to the road, and the Highway department had threatened to cut it down.  The man made sure that never happened."