Here is a birds eye view of the observatory looking down from atop a wall.  The scope itself is quite high, requiring a step stool to see through.  Fortunately, the scope neatly peers over the observatory walls, allowing me unhindered views of the southern constellations.  One only has to watch out for the counterweight shaft (ouch!).  The work desk in the background contains my charts and reference books, as well as the notebook computer for operating the camera.  Temperature and humidity sensors are mounted on the walls, so I can monitor changes in outdoor temperature, and it relationship to indoor temperature.  I also installed a dehumidifier to take some of the moisture out of the building.  One problem with the design is the slight gap between the roof overhang and the top of the walls.  This allows free air circulation (good for temperature regulation), but also allows bugs to get in.  When this shot was made, several thousand (no exaggeration) Ladybugs had found their way in!