The Third Chamber-Echo Hall

Camps Gulf Cave, Spencer, TN

Fujichrome Sensia 100, OM-2S, 21mm lens, B-setting at f/3.5, 1 Meggaflash PF330, 1 Meggaflash PF300, 2 Meggaflash PF200's, tripod.

"This image gives one an idea of the immensity of the chambers in Camps Gulf.  The beautiful circular rotunda shaped ceiling can easily be seen.  Here, the third chamber is illuminated primarily by one Meggaflash PF330 flashbulb.  These extraordinary bulbs burn for nearly 2 seconds, producing a brilliant light. The only way the grandeur of this room can be fully appreciated is when these bulbs are fired. Applause broke out after this shot was completed!     Communication between flash runners and the camera operator is practically impossible--echo muddles all conversation.  So, to help with this delima, we utilized Motorola personal two-way radios to keep things going smoothly."

Third Chamber - Echo Hall
Length -  763ft
Width -  369ft
Height - 164ft