After about an hour of fighting with the door frame, it is finally installed.  Several problems manifested themselves during this phase of construction.  First, as the door was installed, the un-squareness of the building reared its very ugly head.  The base of the door had to be shimmed in order for the door to close easily.  Also, because the sun had affected our ability to think clearly, we made the opening for the door exactly the same size as the door frame.  Never do this.  After fighting with the door for over an hour, we were forced to take a reciprocating saw and make the hole bigger.  Fortunately, the door sill easily hides this rather rough approach.  Always make openings such as these at least 1/4 of an inch bigger!  The exterior paneling also revealed some un-squareness, but this will be remedied by cutting and leveling the T-111 paneling.  Corner round will further "pretty" the building.  As Tony Tosh is fond of saying, "a car traveling at 65 MPH on the Interstate won't know the difference".  Tony also says the trademark of a good carpenter is his ability to cover his mistakes.  This is so true!