Epitome Lake, Webster Avenue

Webster Cave Complex, Breckinridge County, KY

Fujichrome 100, OM-2S, 24mm lens, B-setting at f/2.8, 4 Press 25B flashbulbs, tripod.

"This was the most memorable image I've ever taken.  I had attached luminescent tape to one leg of my tripod so that I could leave the camera and, in the darkness, set off flashes yet still return to the camera.  I was not able to turn my headlamp on, as this would have ruined the photo.  Well, after swimming around in the dark using only the dim phosphor tape to guide me, I finally managed to set of all bulbs.  While returning to the camera, I became lost in the darkness and spent nearly an hour trying desperately to locate the camera.  Finally, the sound of dripping water led me in the direction of the camera and I was able to get back and close the shutter.  Sure, I could have turned my light on, but I wasn't about to after going through all that trouble!"