(NGC 7293)

Celestron Fastar 8 at f/1.95, PixCel 237.  This 40 minute exposure consists of a 600 second (five by 120 seconds Track and Accumulate) luminance file, and three 600 second (also five by 120 seconds Track and Accumulate) RGB files.  In a new procedure suggested by Larry Denmark, each RGB component was co-added with itself ten times before being merged into the raw RGB file.  I am experimenting with this procedure to increase color signal.  As you can see, this does seem to increase the overall color saturation when compared with the un-co-added image below.  Unguided at -12.39 degrees Celsius.  Post processed with CCDOPS v4.00, and combined in Adobe Photoshop.  Needs to be flat fielded, but eh....

The original, un-co-added image file.

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