(M 8/NGC 6523, NGC 6530)

Celestron Fastar 8 at prime focus f/1.95, PixCel 237.  Twenty-four image integration of 10 seconds each, unguided at -5 degrees Celsius.  Post processed with CCDOPS v3.78, log scaled and sharpened.  This image represents my first attempt at CCD imaging with the Fastar configuration.  It was 84 degrees outside with nearly 90 percent humidity, and very windy.  Consequently the "seeing" was terrible.  And, the object was low on the horizon. This image shows the bright nebula M 8 (also known as NGC 6523) and the associated open cluster NGC 6530.  Also visible are several Barnard dark nebulae.

This is the original, unprocessed file.  In the Fastar configuration, images are mirrored compared to their proper orientation.  Consequently, they must be corrected during processing.

Lagoon Mosaic

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