This website was painstakingly assembled using a myriad of different types of equipment and software packages. Nearly all nature and cave images were produced with Olympus 35mm SLR cameras and lenses.  Images in the Nature1 and Caves1 galleries were scanned by Kodak onto PhotoCD from the original transparencies. They were then converted to RGB before being saved as JPEG files in Adobe Photoshop. An attempt was made, at the cost of image quality, to ensure the files are relatively small in order to expedite download time. NO OTHER IMAGE ENHANCEMENT WAS PERFORMED ON THESE IMAGES.  Some images in the Caves2 gallery were originally shot on color negative (print) film, and then scanned by Murphy's Camera and Video directly on to CDR. All other images were scanned from the original Fujichrome transparencies by an Olympus ES-10 film scanner or a Nikon LS-30 film scanner.  Celestial images were processed somewhat differently.  The original images were in native SBIG 237 format, and converted to TIFF in CCDOPS v4.13.  The images were then converted to RGB and saved in JPEG format in Adobe Photoshop. Image processing of these images was performed in CCDOPS.  Other "snap shot" images were created using an Olympus D-320L digital camera.

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